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Shenzhen Dingxin Smart Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xiangyuer Industrial Park, Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, is a research and development manufacturer dedicated to the research, development, production, sales and service of smart products in smart grid and other industries; Based on innovative research and development, the company provides a one-stop integrated solution for smart grid based on 5G, AI artificial intelligence, Beidou positioning, IOT, big data analysis and other technologies. The smart grid series launched include transmission line video, image, distributed fault location, external breakdown, mountain fire, icing, micrometeorology, tilt, temperature measurement, sag, galloping monitoring, smart distribution monitoring, smart power transformation monitoring, smart cable monitoring Smart safety supervision videos, smart warnings, smart bird prevention, smart robots, smart Beidou and other products have been applied to power related sites of major grid companies such as Southern Power Grid and State Grid,Customer feedback was good.

The company provides one-stop integrated solutions for smart grid, and its main products and services are as follows:

1、Smart Transmission

(1)Line monitoring system: transmission line video monitoring, image monitoring, distributed fault location, edge agent device, laser external protection monitoring, infrared mountain fire prevention monitoring, comprehensive monitoring, icing monitoring, micro meteorological monitoring, wire clamp and wire temperature measurement, galloping monitoring, sag monitoring, wind deflection monitoring, panoramic intelligent monitoring and other series of products;

(2) Tower monitoring system: Beidou geological settlement monitoring, tower tilt monitoring, tower stress monitoring, intelligent bolt monitoring, insulator pollution monitoring and other series of products;

2、Smart Distribution

Overhead transient characteristic type remote transmission fault indicator, overhead transient wave recording type remote transmission fault indicator, intelligent distribution monitoring, switch cabinet wireless temperature measurement, ring network cabinet wireless temperature measurement, distribution line image monitoring, bench transformer comprehensive monitoring and other series of products;

3、Smart Transformation

Substation video and environmental monitoring system, substation infrared temperature measurement, substation intelligent auxiliary monitoring and other series of products;

4、Smart cable

Cable fault location measurement, power distribution station monitoring, intelligent high-voltage grounding box, cable sheath circulation monitoring, cable distributed optical temperature measurement, cable partial discharge monitoring, cable tunnel comprehensive monitoring, cable trench comprehensive monitoring, submarine cable comprehensive monitoring and other series of products;

5、Smart Generation

PV power generation monitoring, wind power generation monitoring, hydropower generation monitoring, thermal power generation monitoring and other series of products;

6、Smart Electricity

Intelligent power monitoring, environmental monitoring of power distribution room, electric energy metering management, electrical fire monitoring, fire fighting equipment power monitoring and other series of products;

7、Smart Security

Mobile ball control, law enforcement recorder, smart helmets and other products;

8、Smart Platform

Smart transmission monitoring platform, smart distribution monitoring platform, smart substation monitoring platform, smart cable monitoring platform, smart power Internet of Things monitoring platform and other series of products;

9、Smart Robot

Transmission line inspection robot, substation inspection robot, cable inspection robot and other series of products;

10、Smart UAV

Handheld rotary laser scanner, UAV laser radar scanning system and other series of products;

11、Smart BDS

Beidou Geological Settlement Monitoring, Beidou Dancing Monitoring, Beidou Sag Monitoring and other series of products;

12、Smart Anti-bird

Substation AI laser video integrated bird prevention, intelligent integrated bird drive, bird thorn prevention, wind bird drive, bird cage and other series of products;

13、 Smart Warning

High voltage power supply external protection warning device, electric power intelligent safety warning device, high-voltage line external protection warning ball, high-voltage line external protection warning light, fishing intelligent warning rod, solar energy Haikang obstacle light, crane near electric alarm and other series of products;

14、 Power Equipment

Graphite flexible grounding, anti falling device, anti falling device, hardware fittings, insulators and other series of products;

15、 Power Detection

X-ray testing DR testing, monitoring equipment maintenance, monitoring platform operation and maintenance services and other services

16、 Smart Railway

Non contact intelligent detection system for faults of railway power transmission line, Beidou displacement and deformation monitoring system for high-speed railway, image monitoring system, video monitoring system and other series of products;

Our company has been committed to meeting customer needs and solving customer problems; The equipment has been operating stably for a long time in China's harsh northwest, northeast and coastal areas, effectively solving the quality problems that customers care about; Various products of the company have passed the type test conducted by the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute and other professional and authoritative institutions, and obtained the type test report or inspection report; It has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, and obtained the certificate of three standards integration.

Adhering to the business philosophy of scientific and technological innovation and quality first, the company has obtained the qualification of high-tech enterprise, is market-oriented and customer-centric, and is determined to develop high-quality products and provide high-quality services for customers!

The online monitoring, distributed fault location and cable online monitoring equipment for power transmission and distribution lines launched by SHENZHEN DINSEE SMART TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been widely used in Southern Power Grid and State Grid, and has achieved good results.

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